2017 Mayo Clinic Nurse Residency

  1. Hello, I applied for the Mayo Clinic nurse residency program March 17th 2017 and interviewed April 14th that is scheduled to start July 24th. I was wondering if anyone has received any job offers yet? When I interviewed they said they had a few more weeks of interviewing to go before offers would be sent out by the HR department. Past feeds have a time line of receiving offers around May 6th. There is currently no news feeds going for this timeline, so I figured I'd start one.

    thank you all,
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  3. by   Brittani(:
    Hey there! I interviewed with Mayo on April 7th and was told that they would still be interviewing for about another month. It looks like my application status online changed from 'application in review' to 'interview' today. I'm hoping we will hear something either this week or next, at least based on the timeline from past forums.
  4. by   JeniV
    Yes, that's what I'm thinking. Past posts say around May 6th. I applied and interviewed at the Arizona location. Which location did you apply to.? Also, if you remember... what type of questions did they ask you if you're able to recall?
    Thanks so much Brittani!!!
  5. by   Brittani(:
    I also applied and interviewed at the Arizona location. From what I remember, I had some behavioral questions and then clinical scenario questions as well. I'm not sure how I did since it was my first RN interview but I did the best that I could. I hope we will be hearing back soon. The wait is killing me.
  6. by   kkbb
    I interviewed April 3rd. I have been checking my email and application status page like a crazy person. I keep thinking that it isn't real or something. My status changed to interview this morning and I also got a background check email this morning. I hate the waiting game, but it shouldn't be too much longer now.
  7. by   JeniV
    Me too!!! I got the background check thing with 1 question lol. I'm 99% sure that means we are in!!!!!!!!
  8. by   Brittani(:
    Same here! Hopefully we will all be getting the phone call soon!
  9. by   kkbb
    I was relatively calm and "normal" until I received that email. Anyone else going crazy?
  10. by   kkbb
    I just got the call!!! I will be working nights on 7W (hematology/oncology)!!!!!
  11. by   Brittani(:
    That's awesome! Congrats!! I'm still anxiously waiting to hear back.
  12. by   hng808HI
    I got the call today too! Cant wait to be joining all of you!
  13. by   hng808HI
    I got the call today, but was too excited to ask what unit. How did you find out, is there an employee portal?
  14. by   kkbb
    She told me. And then I started jumping up and down and screaming like an idiot. Now we just have to wait for the HR email with all the information.