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Areas to live in NYC for a CRNA


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I'm a Student Registered Nurse Anesthetist and I'm almost at the end of my first year in nurse anesthesia school. I have a desire to work in NYC as a CRNA and wanted to know do most advanced practice nurses live in the city or do they commute from surrounding areas such as Brooklyn or NJ?

I would like an apartment that has more space so I figured Brooklyn would probably be the better bet for me. Which areas in Brooklyn would you consider safe, have lots of good restaurants, and is in close proximity to the train station? From doing various job searches it seems most of the jobs for CRNAs are at NY Presbyterian and in Brooklyn. I currently live in Philly and only know about Midtown Manhattan and some parts of Upper West Side. If I could live in the city, I would prefer Upper West side near Columbia or Hells Kitchen area in Midtown West

Any help would be appreciated.

It really depends on your personality and what you like. I live in Park Slope Brooklyn and love it! It's very safe here. Mostly late 20s early 30s crowd with young families. There are amazing restaurants out here and a few good nightlife spots. We're also right next to prospect park which has a ton going on (free music concerts in summer, museums, a zoo, a garden, ice skating rink, biking, races every week, etc). It's a great place.

If you want to be closer to the city then downtown Brooklyn, dumbo, Carroll gardens, and Brooklyn heights are good area too.

Also, just an FYI, I currently work at NYP Cornell and that area is such a pain to get to. Over off 70th and York there's sloan Kettering, NYP, HOspital for Special Surgery, Lenox hills and other medical places near by. Unfortunately, they are not near any subway. It's about a 15 minute walk. If you were definitely working there, I might wanna live on the east side somewhere either walkable or bus-able.

Also, I don't know how much you know about finding an apt in the city (or Brooklyn) but it is tough and expensive! You will almost definitely have to pay a brokers fee (either 1 months rent or 10% of the year's rent) in addition to deposit and rent when you move in. One bedrooms will be around 2-3k so you're looking at around 7k and up (in cash) to move in. It's crazy here.

the good parts of bklyn are expensive! you could also check out queens (astoria, ergo park) east williamsburg is up and coming