Area around Arnold Palmer? Need help!!!! PLEASE!

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Is anyone familiar with this area?


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I live in between Orlando and Tampa, and I can tell you that you would be hard pressed to find a decent sized apartment for less than $575/mo. I have a 1 br. apt where I live, and it's $665 a month. But it is huge, almost 900 sq. feet and in a more upscale area. Usually, when the apartments start going down in price below 550-600, it's not in the greatest area. If you go to and type in the zipcode for Arnold Palmer (it's 32806), it will do a search of properties in the area. I looked up a couple that looked pretty nice. I also have a relative that lives in the Buena Vista/Disney area that has a great little apartment in a nice area. They are called Parc Vue. I don't go to Orlando too much so I don't know if that's close to APH or not.

Also, have you considered buying a house with a government loan? I think it's also called a HUD loan. You would have to check into all the eligiblity requirements and whatnot, but my husband's cousin built a 3 bedroom house in a great little community and his payments were around $600 per month. It's a great program if you qualify. It's just a thought, but to me, it would be so much better to pay towards something you will own instead of throwing your money away on rent...I would do it myself if I were able to!

Hope this information helps.


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Is anyone familiar with the area immediately surrounding Arnold Palmer Hospital in Orlando? We're checking out apartments online, but it's difficult to gauge exactly how far they are from that hospital. Is that a bad area? I'm finding a number of apartments, according to MapQuest, that are within ten miles of the hospital, but I have no idea if that's a crappy area. We're going in April to check things out, but it's driving me nuts to wait until then!

Hi a little late in the reply but if you need further info just e-mail me and I can tell you about the area. I worked at ORMC since 1976, I know the area and I know the hospital.


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Ouch, I am staying here in Australia.

Currently paying $180 per month for a 3 bedroom house on half an acre

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