Are you responsible to purchase your own supplies?

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Just wondering if you are responsible for purchasing your own medical supplies such as dressings, bedpans, chux, diapers etc for the hospice patients that you see on your shift? Tomorrow is my first day of Hospice orientation and I wanted to know what to expect and if I should make a run to the medical supply store if needed. Thanks for all of your help :loveya:

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No way! You'll have to provide your own personal equipment- such as stethoscope, bandage scissors, any supplies that you're going to be taking home with you and keeping. But supplies for the hospice patient are not your responsibility- they are the company's responsibility. I would run from any company that says you need to provide diapers, wound care supplies and bedpans, or any other supplies for your patients.

LOL!!!! Thank you!! I am glad to hear that I won't have to worry about that. :)

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Supplies are provided for you,but I always keep extra gloves, wipes, and pericream in a kit in my car just in case (three things I do NOT want to get stranded without).

I always had car stock - anything someone might be out of. The agency is required BY LAW to provide this stuff.

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