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Are pre-reqs harder than nursing school?

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1 class? You won't know what to do with yourself...

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I guess I stand alone in my views! I found the pre-reqs harder than NS (although I didn't find either of them particularly hard)

I found NS to be pretty easy. I understood the testing style. I appreciated the shift from rote memorization to critical thinking. I put WAY more time into A&P than I did into nursing. For A&P you have to read every page, and memorize all kinds of useless crap. Nursing is easier and makes sense. Once you understand a concept it stays with you.

Actually I find it just the opposite...I put well spent time into anatomy and physiology because there are many important things that are applicable in the subject to nursing. In nursing school I spent the majority of my time studying stupid, useless crap nursing theories, equally useless nursing crap diagnosis, writing useless crap 12 page care plans and the like....

If they cut out the academic bs in nursing schools it would be better for the profession. "Critical Thinking" imo is a a stupid overplayed, overused "buzz word" that is better termed "common sense"....but the great nursing theorists of our time needed to reinvent the word common sense and call it critical thinking in order to make themselves feel more important.

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