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Are there any Oncology travel nurses?

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I can't find any for oncology.

I think I might be transferring off of my MedSurg floor, and they mentioned this oncology floor on another campus. I guess oncology experience would still be similar to MedSurg experience, right? The reason I would NOT think so is because the floor I come from is a MedSurg/oncology floor, and they said this other oncology floor is different, like there are no techs so it's total care, but you have a 4 patient maximum with walkie talkie patients.

I'm a new grad, by the way. So if I did a year or two on that oncology floor, would mean that the only travel positions I'd be qualified for are oncology? And if so...then are there any oncology travel nurses out there?

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caroladybelle is a BSN, RN and specializes in Oncology/Haemetology/HIV.

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I am an oncology travel nurse, and have no trouble finding positions. But I had over 5 years of experience in oncology and 8 in nursing before traveling. I am also OCN certified and give chemo. I have traveled in BMT and oncology. Among the facilities that I have worked at, three were listed as in the top 10 hospitals in the nation and one was at the number one hospital in the nation.

As an onco nurse, I can travel in both MS and Oncology. Oncology requires both sets of skills. It would be best to have several years in onco because it requires some very specific skills, including chemo administration, for the better assignments.

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I have worked oncology for almost 24 years now. I started traveling a couple of years ago and qualify for both med/surg and oncology. I have my ACLS, so I've also worked tele and PCU. Without further training, I wouldn't want to work an ICU at this point.

If you're looking to travel, get as much experience as you can... volunteer to be pulled to other floors, get certifications, etc. It will be a big help to you when you apply for the jobs.

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