Are there any OKC metro hospitals that don't have 7-7 shifts?

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Specifically Mercy. I am thinking about applying for some PRN positions to get back into L&D but due to my child's daycare situation the earliest I can drop off the kids at daycare is 0630 and my husband can not help me out consistently because he has to be in Midwest City by 0645 most mornings and we live in Edmond so it would be difficult if not impossible to be at work clocked in by report time. I was hoping there are some options out there that don't include 7-7.

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Although you're looking at L&D, many local emergency departments staff with 12-hour shifts from 3am to 3pm, 3pm to 3am, 11pm to 11am, and 11am to 11pm.

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I don't know anything about Mercy but I do know that both Saint Anthony and INTEGRIS facilities schedule nurses for 8 hour shifts.

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Hi there, I don't live in Oklahoma yet, but will be moving from Michigan to Edmond in a few months and looking for l&d as well. Looks like there are positions, but all nights. Really not looking forward to going back to a night schedule, but I will if I have to. Have you had any luck?

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Well, daycare is still an issue, I can not find any daycare that will transport my daughter to school that opens before 6:30. It's not that I am unhappy where I am at right now, it's just not my passion and I am working in a clinic which means no shift or weekend diff. I absolutely can not work nights because my hubby has to leave the house by 6 am most mornings.

If you have any questions about Edmond, feel free to ask me here or in a PM. We have lived here for almost 2 yrs and I absoultely LOVE it.

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