Are there any nursing jobs in Alaska where they will pay you to fly to remote towns..

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to offer patient care? Obviously, this would be more suited to NP's rather than RN's, but it would seem that such a thing might exist (given that many of these towns may not have adequate "in town" care.

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I saw an ad last year for a situation like that. I believe it was thru Indian Health Services. You flew to a different clinic each day to work. I saw the ad in Nursing 2004, but you may be able to contact IHS and find out directly. I thought it sounded like a pretty cool job my self!


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I just saw an ad a couple of days ago on the Delphi Forums for travel nurses, looking for an RN to work in an eskimo village.


Indian Health Service is the best way to get a job flying into remote villages not towns). I worked for them for 13 years. These villages may have anywhere from 50 to 600 residents. Most of the villages have a health clinic with Community Health Aides trained to offer urgent and emergent care until the patient can be safely transported to a regional clinic or hospital.

Another option is with State of Alaska Public Health Service. They have itinerant public health nurses that travel regularly to villages to provide TB testing, immunizations, child health education, etc.

Most of the villages have electricity year round (depends on the amount of fuel barged in during the summer months). Some of them still do not have running water except in the school building. You could spend nights in the clinic, in a nearby cabin, in the school, or in a bed and breakfast (depending on the village size).

Just do a search for these areas to get more information.

Good luck. Charlotte

I just saw an old post referencing long-term service in the IHS. I am currently in contact w/ a recruiter but am curious to learn more of the areas available to a new grad...Nome, Bethel and Kotzebue. I am familiar w/ the Kenai and SE , but would guess these areas are quite different. I really would like to work up north, and am interested in rural/community health work options, but am somewhat overwhelmed trying to navigate the job market as a new grad. At the moment I am finishing up my practicum on the oncology unit at the Portland VA (Oregon), completing final coursework and studying for the NCLEX. If all goes well, I will have my RN BSN in December. Loan forgiveness opportunities are also a consideration as I attended a private university for my nursing education. If anyone out there has any advice or resource contacts, I would greatly appreciate the assistance. Thanks, Katie.


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Again, look into Uniformed Public Health Services (UPHS) or Indian Health Services. Both are govt. agencies, and you'll will get appropriate benefits as a federal employee. Both have web sites available and have precise instructions on how to apply. They also have points of contact that will help you wade thru the process. Since they are govt agencies, it is possible they may have a loan forgiveness program. You could also post your resume on-line for travel nurse, but I found that to be hit and miss at best. You could also try typing in travel nursing, and many site options will open up, they may have something available that may meet your needs. I would suggest the UPHS or INH will be your best options as most of the villages are primarily Native Americans, and have certain priviledges. Give it a try. Good luck on your boards, I am sure you will do great. Welcome aboard.

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