Are NP's eligible for H1b?


Hi, I am an international student here in the US hoping to do a DEMSN in Psych/Mental Health (Pediatric/Adolescent). I have found an amazing Family Therapy Center that works with emotionally/developmentally/psychologically troubled children and have been talking with them about career prospects. They already have a couple of US citizen NPs working for them in the specialty that I want to do, and they are keen to see if after I am qualified (in a few years yet) I would be eligible for either a H1b or EB2. As it's so far down the road, they don't want the expense of talking to an immigration lawyer yet. However, once I am on the NP program they are eager to have me do CPT with them if possible.

So, my question is would I be eligible for either the H1b (as NP is a job which is specialist?) or EB2 (as NP requires a Masters as it's entry point?)?

It's a hugely exciting opportunity as this is a niche area that interests me greatly and is so rewarding. :redpinkhe

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You should meet EB2 requirements and depending on where you was born will depend on how quick you will be processed. I think you are better going the EB2 route to be honest as long as your employer is willing to petition you. Much better than a H1b

Better to talk to a immigration lawyer that specialises in nurses if in any doubt

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In my area graduates of a NP have difficulty finding there first position.


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I'm hoping that if I get onto the program, after my first year I'll be able to do CPT with this Center and then OPT once I graduate, and if all goes well then the EB2 might be the way to go. It's the perfect job for me and I am so excited :) and even if it doesn't work out, at least now I know there is a job spec out there that meets my needs and desires for my chosen career! If I don't get this one, I will just keep looking elsewhere. It would be awesome for everything to fall into place, but I know Murphy and His Laws might throw a spanner in the works so I'm not going to count my chickens just yet!


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Yes, go for EB2 if possible...and if not, no harm trying H1B. Either one will allow you to extend your stay here in the US. I have known two new NP's got their job offers and on their way to sponsorships in SoCal. Good luck!!!

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