Are there any LPN-RN programs in/near NYC? Current program is a mess.



I was wondering if there are any LPN-RN programs in NYC and what the requirements are. I do not have an extremely high GPA as of now. I believe it is @ a 3.0 solid. My science/nursing classes are all B+s. Not straight As, but reasonable.

The program that I am in now is just a mess. I am losing my faith in them and I don't trust that they have our best interest.

They cannot give dates, mess up our tuition, and just really don't care about the students. It's a money mill IMO. I'm looking to transition into an LPN-ADN program. Any suggestions or ideas? My only fear is that my GPA is not high enough. Another tricky thing about NYC is the fact that they make it so insanely difficult to transfer college classes from one institution to the other. Please help! Thanks in advance.

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What school is this? Have you tried Helene Fuld?


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What about excelsior college (It is online). I don't know about the LPN to RN component because I did the RN to BSN, but I know that they offer one and many of the people in my courses for the BSN did LPN to RN through them. It is even acceptable if you want to advance to a masters. I got accepted to a great school in NY for my masters after going through them for my BSN


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Hudson County Community College has a hybrid program they run with Bayonne Hospital SON and Christ Hospital SON, in Bayonne and Jersey City NJ respectively. If you're already an LPN, you can test out of Nursing 1 and then take Nursing 2, 3, and 4 which would be 3 semesters. There is more info on HCCC's website.

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Is not unusual for nursing programs not to transfer. If you have any time in this at all I'd consider sticking with it expecially if you are getting your LPN because it goes so quickly.

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Nassau Community test out of semester 1 and complete the Nursing in 3 semesters.