Are there any LPN programs near the city of pittsburgh


I am 20 years old and I do not think there are many LPN programs in my area. I live near the city of Pittsburgh and I know the trade school Pittsburgh technical institute has a one year program. I know even though not near the city of Pittsburgh I know Community college of beaver county has an LPN program there. I am not too sure but I know I think maybe UPMC McKeesport has one too. but that is it how come there are not that many LPN programs near here. all these hospitals UPMC St Margaret, UPMC shady,Mercy, and west penn hospital and every community college has an RN program. How come there are so much more RN programs than LPN program.

Because there is has been a huge emphasis placed on BSN-RN programs. Many places like here in Georgia only want to hire nurses who had their BSN-RN over an RN or LPN. Many state boards feel it is better to have the BSN-RN but I have heard many complaints on both sides of the issue or debate.


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McKeesport did away with the Lon program last year... You're young, who not do RN school?

But I think there are 2 Lpn schools, one in monroeville and one in Jefferson hills... I forget there names, the one in Jefferson hills in run by an adult education program... They are pretty hard to find on google if I remember but if you go to the board if nursing website there will be a complete list.


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I wish I could do an RN school I wish I could go to get my BSN.


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There is pittsburgh tech that has lpn and rn and the school I'm going to western area career an tech center that both don't require any prerequisites

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Pti in oakdale has both lpn and rn program