Are Health Updates for Triennials required????


Does anyone know if Triennial health updates are required, like the Initial health updates? We are so busy I want to discontinue doing them, of course if there is a health issue, then that is a different story. I spend half of my time trying to find out the date of the IEP and a lot of the time when I do call the parent it has already been done ~ frustrating. I have had a school psychologist tell me that "there wasn't anything medical, so it was okay you missed". I told him that was for the school nurse to decide not the psychologist. Anyway, does anyone know if they are required for the IEP, I am speaking of the tri only.

Thank you!

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In my County there is a 3 page form for the Initials that include the health history. The tri's have a one pager that just includes questions on any recent health updates since the last tri or the initial.

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Initials have the medical history. Tri's are just hearing and vision and maybe dental.

I am notified of all the IEP's and dates by each principal or teacher. The Tri H&V's and IEP's are in a program called SEIS that I can also access. It is each schools responsibility to contact me way ahead of time.


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Thank you for the info! Very helpful!