Are you guys doing non-essential surgeries?



I am a new graduate looking to get into the O.R. This is the worst time but at the end of the day I'm thankful that my family is safe and no one that I know personally has been affected. I am wondering if the hospitals are starting back doing surgeries that are deemed 'non-essential'. If you are please tell me the area you are in. I've been applying to OR residencies but haven't heard back as of yet from anyone, I believe its because the demand right now is low or non existent. I was thinking of looking again towards the end of the year so start job searching again. I just don't want to time out of finding a residency for surgical services.

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Mid-Atlantic. Planning for 75% of normal capacity this week and back to 100% capacity in June. Doesn't necessarily mean we'll reach those goals- surgeons are reporting patients being very wary of coming to the hospital for surgery. Also, the state DOH and CMS want plans and policies on paper for restarting surgeries and how patients will be tested/screened.

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Yes I know people are staying away from hospitals, doctors offices and even the dentist right now. I've been applying to residencies in my area and I am now looking out of state as well. The O.R is such a hard specialty to get into so I'm trying to do the residency while I'm still a new grad. I'm working now in behavioral health since it was the only thing that I could get right now. I'm just a little down because the O.R is the only specialty that I'm passionate about. Before Covid I had an interview for an O.R residency and I was told I was a strong candidate and basically had the job without saying right then and there that I had it. I was so depressed later when they told me they later couldn't offer me the job.