Are you enjoying being a nursing student?


I am 18 and wanting to be a child nurse, but I'm not sure what it will be like to stick someone with a needle. Do you get over the fear of using a needle? I'm not scared of needles exactly, I have never fainted and I can sometimes look when I am being given one, it is just the thought of using a needle on someone else and hurting them. Maybe it's just because I have never done anything like it before!! We're you like this?

So are you enjoying being a nurse/ nursing student and what would you say the pros and cons are?? Thanks, this is my first post!!


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I haven't started clinicals yet, but I think the same goes for anything in life really. Anything is scary if you haven't done it before. at first you won't have a clue what you're doing. As time goes on, with practice, you'll get better and it will come second nature to you. I'm sure they'll teach you how to deal with scared children and you'll learn how to comfort them. I'm not in nursing school. I'm in pre-nursing, but I enjoy it. Knowing that I'm building a stable foundation for my future excites and comforts me. Good luck!


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I start nursing school in a few weeks. I have never stuck someone with a needle, but I've been stuck with a needle plenty of times over the years. I do not enjoy it (who does?), but I wanted to give myself a bit more exposure to the whole process, so I donated plasma for a few months. Kind of a weird approach, but I was able to make a little bit of $ and also observe the whole process. We'll see if it worked!


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I never knew what I wanted to be...nursing kind of just fell in my lap (literally) and i started the month after. I'm almost done now and

nursing school has been awesome! I'm so passionate about it now that I started a blog haha

anyway, you definitely get over the fear of needles! My teacher made us practice with each other so we'd get the initial fear done and over with.

Once you start med surge, you will definitely get over that fear. You will have to give tons of shots...

just know that your instructors are there to help and guide you. it's all about baby steps! you'll start off by pricking fingers, then giving subcutaneous shots. after giving about 3 subcu shots, you'll be able to advance to IM injections. just make sure you take every opportunity you get no matter how scared you are of even if you think youre not ready. your teacher will help you and you'll slowly get used to it :)