Are there any El Centro/Brookhaven students here?

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Hi! I am starting the ADN program at Brookhaven this fall. I would love to hear from any students there, especially info on the first semester, what we need to get before it starts, etc.



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Hey Holli, I will be attending El Centro this fall. However, I am not sure what books and supplies we will need as of yet. I do know we can purchase a box of books( from the bookstore) that will include most of what we will need. El Centro has an orientation on July 11 where we have to take the net test. I am sure they will let us know then exactly what we are going to need. I do have a friend who just finished his first semester at El Centro and he recommended a few books that are not required but will help with care plans. They include: Manual of Diagnostic and Laboratory Test- Mosby and Nursing Diagnosis Handbook- a guide to planning care ( not sure about the author).


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