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Are my dreams over?

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Do you think I still have a chance at being an RN?

  1. 1. Do you think I still have a chance at being an RN?

    • Yes! I think you will be fine.
    • Eh. You might want to look at new career options.
    • Absolutely not. Quit now.

Hello, I am extremely nervous.I am a prenursing student.I have good grades and i never get in trouble.Until now. I recently, two days ago, got a ticket for possession of marijuana. I have been stress nauseated and unable to eat or sleep all weekend. I don't want my dreams of being an RN to be over. I have dreamed and dreamed of this for years and now its all in jeopardy. I am a first time offender and terrified. I hear that there is a good chance of me getting a deferred adjudication, resulting in dismissal. I would be able to apply for expungement as well. I know that the BON will see it, but will a deferred adjudication prevent me from getting into the program? Can they it if its expunged by then? Im only a freshman and wont be applying for school until next spring. Also, if the BON knows of my deferral/expungement, does that mean that my clinical programs and future employing hospitals will know or does that stay in the board??? If any one has any knowledge....I would appreciate it.

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