Are clinical sites hard to get?


Hello! I am wondering if clinical sites are hard to get these days. I attend an accredited ASN program in Indiana and the school has had some trouble finding some sites. Especially for Med Surg 2 and OB. An unaccredited LPN program has better sites then we do. We have a couple long term care sites which is fine but I feel like we need more acute care clinicals. Any opinions about this? Thanks.

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Which program? (I am local)

I can pm it to you if you want.

They can be EXTREMELY difficult to get. Many times I see it is all about who you know. I have done my CNS/LVN/ADN and each one had a mention or "undertone" of don't piss of the clinical site or we could easily lose the site!

I was in the first cohort of a new ADN program so I watched the sites all of a sudden change over night. I have a couple Dr friends who offered up a clinical site at their wound clinics to help with some experience. My program declined them stating they needed legitimate hospitals, both are within hospitals. I didn't bother to clarify since their attitude about my friends offers offended me.

Another student had a great hookup for Kaiser but they were kinda rude to her when she brought it up

The same undertone is at our school. How our we supposed to get experience of no one wants student. I found out many places are having this problem.