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Are ATI practice tests helpful ?


i am starting to study now for my NCLEX. We were given ATI books to study from and toi

use the ATI webiste for practice tests.

I scored really bad on one, and was wondering how helpful the practice tests really are?

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I like them!!! my school divides them into semesters, and we have to take them! it is not bad at all!!!

heard they have a good reputation r/t material and blue prints from the test!

We used AIT. I do not know how helpful they are with the NCLEX as I am witing for my ATT. The books were great when studying for tests. Wish we had gotten them before Level 3. What I like about the ATI tests is that you can generate a review based on your answers. You can set it to whatever percentage you want. Then it gives you which chapters to read and what videos to watch. If you didn't get the books, everything is online.

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