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ARCC or Century?

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by Bwalz177 Bwalz177 (New Member) New Member

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I'm looking at going to school for nursing. What program would you recommend? Anoka Ramsey Community College or Century College? I have found a lot of information on ARCC .. But can't find anything on Century. Does anyone know how competitive the admissions are to Century? How many students they accept each semester?


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Ella26 has 9 years experience as a BSN, RN and works as a RN Allergy and Asthma Nurse.

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Both are good programs. All the schools in the cities are very competitive. I'm not sure how many apply vs accepted or with what composite scores as I graduated years ago before those criteria were implemented. You should be able to get all those questions answered at an information session or calling the nursing programs admissions office.

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