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I'm preparing to take my HESI at Aquinas next month to apply for the Spring semester. I've been doing some research and have come across a lot of negative comments and reviews of the nursing program at Aquinas. Is anyone currently in the program that can give me their honest opinion of the school? While I certainly don't believe everything I read, it's a bit overwhelming when I've read sooooo many negative comments elsewhere about their program. I want to ensure that the school I choose to go to is the school that has a great program and will aid in my effort to become a great nurse! Any help would be great!


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I also saw alot of the negative comments, but gave the school the benefit of the doubt. I heard the nuns and staff bullly the students, expecially the men and anyone they deem different. I let that slide, and was accepted in May for fall 2010.

First trouble I had was the financial aid office never sent me my award letter. They kept promising, but never did. Then, I had to be present for a full day registration. They don't even have online registration or, well really anything online at all. I had to be physically present from 8-4:30. This meant I had to take a vacation day from work. My financial aid letter was in someone's filing cabinet, but it didn't even cover the cost of tution and books. I asked about other aid to cover living expenses, and was told I could get a private student loan. The financial aid person didn't even know the "cost of attendance" for her school. I needed thhis for the loan forms. It took her at least an hour to arrive at a figure. It was clear that they didn't want me in their class. They didn't even try. Then they expected me to register for classes, and required that I sign a form that I would be personally liable for the semester tuition of almost $10,000 if my financial aid didn't come through, and they weren't even offering me the cost of tuition in aid.

The day was a disaster. I was expected to take a test - a critical thinking test. We were then expected to write a 1,000 word essay on some stupid subject like violence on tv. How does that relate to nursing? If you choose Aquinas you'll end up $40,000 or more in debt for just an associates degree. Also, you'll have to take moral theology and ethics. I just can't imaging paying $1,800 each to take a class like that...and they require papers as well, not just memorization. Also google Blizzard and Aquinas, and there are articles about a male student who was run out of the program, and at the end of two years, is $40,000+ in debt, has no degree, and Aquinas won't let him take his boards. He is suing the school.


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Yeah, I chose not to attend here. I couldn't justify the $$$, especially after reading all the negative comments. I actually had a friend of a friend that did not recommend Aquinas, after completing the nursing program herself at Aquinas. Where did you end up going?


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Nashville State - I am really excited. It's been a long road. Rejected by Cumberland, Motlow State, Columbia State (twice), didn't even get selected for an interview at Nashville State the first time, was on the waiting list for Aquinas last spring, and turned them down for the fall, and now it's Nashville State. I'm thrilled. They are disorganized and treat students like 5th year high school students, but I'm going to be a nurse in 2 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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hmmm, I have 2 friends in the program who love it...strange. It's ALL WHAT YOU MAKE OF IT.

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Graduated May 09'. I had a job before I graduated BECAUSE I was a nursing student at Aquinas and they know they are getting excellent nurses. The Sisters are strict but if ya can't cut it then you'll be gone out of the program. It's up to YOU to pass, it's up to YOU to want it. You can find the negatives in anything/any program/anybody.....good luck.