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Hello All!! :) I have recently found out I am Alternate number 1 for the April 2018 Clinical nurse to OR transition board. My recruiter told me that there are 65 people who have been selected across the board for clinical nurse and OR and that if any one of them do not confirm their commission, then I will be picked up. In your experience what are the chances of at least one not confirming, and how long would you say until everyone's decisions have been made? The chances of getting selected were so slim and this process has been so long, I am grateful to have been chosen as an alternate, but also so disappointed, I wanted to hear selected so badly. Thank you for any input!

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I assume we're talking AF here. If you haven't already, you need to start looking at civilian jobs. Yes you might pick up a spot that someone else declines. However, few people go through the lengthy application process and decline.

You need to start racking up civilian RN experience so that you can apply as a fully qualified nurse next time around if you don't get picked up.

Thank you for your reply! And yes I am a working nurse, I am applied as fully qualified. I thought it would be a small chance that anyone would turn it down if given the opportunity, my fingers are crossed though!!! :) worst case scenerio I will reapply in July.

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