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I am new here and have a question. I am going on an interview and would really like to wear a pant suit. It has been mentioned to me that I should wear a suit with a skirt. Any opinions on this? The interview is for a Special Ed school nurse in a High School.

Thank You :uhoh3:


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I can't believe it would matter. The last two times I interviewed for nursing positions I wore scrubs (because I had to interview during lunch). I was offered both jobs.

If you are wearing professional attire, are neat and clean, that is what matters. You might consider a skirted suit if you are applying for a pharmaceutical rep position, in which case your clothes DO matter a lot.


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A nice pant suit is ok for an interview as a school nurse. Admin/Teachers/staff are usually allowed to wear slacks. Therefore, a skirt or slacks would be appropriate. Just wear whichever you would feel more comfortable in.

Good luck! :)

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I wore a pant suit in my last interview and got the job. As long as its professional looking I see no problem. Besides pants cover more leg than skirts, so I can't imagine any one being offended. Good luck


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I just wore dress pants and a sweater to an Interview and was offered the job. I agree with PP, if you are neat and well groomed I don't think it matters.

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