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Applying for UC Davis or UCSF

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by Kiwhipple RN, BSN Kiwhipple RN, BSN (Member) Nurse

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Hello! I currently work at Mayo Clinic in the Vascular Progressive Care unit in Rochester, Minnesota & will be finishing up my first year of being a nurse by next month! Although I love working at Mayo Clinic, the quality of life in Rochester, Minnesota just isn’t for me. I am originally from California and plan to move back sometime around May or June when my lease is up. I would like to apply to UC Davis or UCSF in March. I would really appreciate some advice on what could help me get a job in the ICU at either of these hospitals. Is it hard to get a job at UC Davis or UCSF? What do you they like to see in an application. How is the commute & is it affordable to be a single nurse living in either San Francisco or Sacramento? If I’m trying to move in May or June, when is a good time to apply? Any advice is very much appreciated! Thank you!!

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both have external nursing programs so wait for those to appear around Feb-March. 

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