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I have been hearing that in New York and New Jersey the Nursing Board takes less time to process your application (school diploma, degrees, so on) does anybody knows something about Florida and Pennsylvania Boards? some other quick Nurse Board recommended?

I got elegibility letter from California Board but I´m understanding it will took too much time (12 months) after I got my visascreen and got a sponsor to travel , I would like to go USA as soon as I can

thank u

suzanne4, RN

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California will take about 13 months just for the processing, this doesn't take into account the time for the actual processing at your embassy.

You are looking at closer to 18 months.

You also can't endorse from California without having a social security number.

suzanne4, RN

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Until you pass your exams, you are not going to find it easy to get sponsorship. And you can't be petitioned until a hospital offers you a sponsorship.

NY will be the fastest for you, but you need to go thru a special credentials verification for them that will take several months...............

Same thing with the other states, but NY will also have the fastest processing because they are out of the Vermont office.

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