Applying for RN in California with Speeding Ticket


Hi, I am applying for the NCLEX-RN in Ca. I have a speeding ticket of 94 MPH in highway about a year ago, I did drivers classes and paid a fine. Do I need to report that to the Board of Nursing and disclose it?



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You only have to disclose it if the fine was over $1000

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You have to disclose it if it was a felony or misdemeanor (and if your speeding was classed as reckless driving, it could very well be one of those two). If it was just an infraction, you only need to disclose if the fine was over $1000 OR if drugs/alcohol were involved. More info here: License Discipline and Convictions

If you are not sure if your speeding was an infraction or not, check with the CA DMV.

Hope this helps. Best of luck!