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Considering an OR transfer after 1.5 years ICU. I'm trying to read all I can over the past few months but having difficulty finding warm contacts in person. Recent unit changes are making it hard to get hours and I may jump ship a bit sooner than originally planned (originally I hoped to wait until next spring and try to transfer when new grads come in to take advantage of the formal group education/training programs offered then).

I requested the manager contact me directly to discuss the position and whether training would be available (the position does not list experience required or preferred but also does not list any training specifics). Clearly I would not want to try to step in without any sort of education/precepting experience. :nurse:

I think I would eventually like to travel. I really wanted to do OR in school but was told I'd lose all my skills and be blackballed in nursing forever and never get out again. Now I know that's not true, and that, to some extent, specific assessment/intervention skills are part of every unit including my current one! I'm not 100% sure the OR is right for me though despite many observations as a student (over a dozen) because then I was really focused on how cool the surgery was and not so much on what the nurses were doing.:mad:

Any advice on getting clear that the OR is the right fit for me?

Anything in particular about this OR I should ask the manager to determine if it's a good place to start/train/work?

Any pc ways to feel out whether or not I'd be hired for the job over the phone (she'll already have my R.N. background/resume from HR when she calls me) before going in for a formal interview... which is when I have to tell my boss that I'm job seeking??

Thanks in advance...

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No advice here, just a "Good luck!". I hope you get the job.

I applied for an OR position over a week ago and haven't heard a peep.

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I'm considering whether to uproot us to a completely different state. There are plenty of OR programs out there that could be great...but that's a whole different post ;)

O.R. nursing is very stressful. It is often as stressful as ICU. There's also a TON of things to learn in the O.R. Most nurses from other floors do not realize this. There are tons of procedures, techniques, instruments, and machines to memorize. It will take years in the O.R. before you are comfortable in the O.R.

Since it is completely different than ICU, your ICU skills will get rusty. I would recommend working 1 shift per week in ICU or PACU if you want to maintain your skills.

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