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Applying for New Grad Programs, Accepted - then deployed for Bootcamp/Active Duty


Hello fellow nurses,

I'm currently a licensed new grad applying into new grad programs like Versant. I know for a fact that there is an 18-20 week commitment and training. At the same time that I am applying for RN jobs, I am also trying my luck in the Navy reserve. What if you got accepted and in the middle of the RN training, you will be deployed for bootcamp. What happens then? The recruiter explained to me that according to the Sailor-Soldier Relief Act, you are excused from civilian obligation during your ACTIVE status (bootcamp and "A school") - approximately 4 months.

Has anyone encountered the same situation? What did you do? How did you tell your managers? For managers/supervisors out there, how did/would you handle such cases. The New Grad can't be fired right? After the New Grad comes back, can he continue with his training, even if it means getting delayed and joining other New Grad Program batches?

Thank you!

I would definitely wait to get your acceptance letter / notification before disclosing any of this information to either current or future employeers. It gives them no real advance notice of something you 'may' do and 'some time' and would just work out poorly in your favor IMHO.

best of luck with y our reserve packet,

jeckrn, BSN, RN

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What type of recruiter are you speaking to? You need to be speaking with a healthcare recruiter, not the recruiter at the Reserve Center or the local shopping center etc. Bootcamp & "A"schools are enlisted schools not officers. Officers go to Officer Basic, not sure what the Navy calls it.

I agree with Just Cause and would not say anything to a potential employer. The recruiter was right and they have to give you the time off to attend military training without using benefit time, ie vacation, sick, PTO, or whatever they call it where you work. They also have to give you time off for drill weekends the same way. If you get in the reserves speak with your nurse manager and keep him/her abreast of what is going on and give as much notice as you can when you need time off.

agreed with Jeck.. I just assumed as a board newbie you were mis-using the terms boot camp.. but since you said "A-School" and boot camp together I now assume, as Jeck hinted, you are talking the wrong point of contact....

How do you feel about the Versant program and your % of getting a job?

I'm going to toss out some thoughts...

it takes a Long time to compile your packet.. I would front load and start doing all work necessary on applying for full-time jobs... ideally you could get accepted, starting training and in the background you could cont' your Navy Reserve commissioning packet.. (identify when the boards are.... perhaps look at submitting next fiscal year - Oct/Nov) then when your packet is submitted you could have completed your Versant residency, established your civilian job and have a better chance / packet and perhaps timing of submission.

Off hand I don't see a lot of advantages of trying to 'dually' do both... where the previous option gives you more control, makes you more competitive and prioritizes your full time money making job.