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applying to multiple schools, getting letters of recommendation

This might sound silly, but for those that have applied to 2 or more schools, do you give the people filling out your recommendations forms for each school? I had only planned on applying to 1 or 2 schools, no big deal to ask someone to fill out 1 or 2 forms. Now my hubby might be getting relocated and I'm in the process of applying to CRNA school for next fall, so I was going to apply to schools in the that state as well. But then I will have to get 3 or 4 letters of recommendation from each person. Is that what you have done?

This comes to my other question. At least one of the schools want a recommendation from an MD. I've worked in STICU for 1 year in a level 1 trauma center/teaching hospital 3rd shift, where we interact with the residents/chiefs more than the attendings at night. I was going to ask one of the attendings I've had interactions with over the past year, but I don't know how well he knows me. Other people at work say it should be ok and I know he has written many recommendations, but I still feel strange asking him. What do you think?


Specializes in Trauma ER and ICU...SRNA now.

You want a killer lettter of reccomendation. Maybe try finding a MDA to shadow and having them fill it out. Just make sure you pick someone who will support you and can speak to your skills. And yes, you will need a form for each school to give to your letter writers.

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