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applying directly to hospital without recruiter/agency??


Dear Suzanne and Everyone,

Greetings! Suzanne has always emphasized here that foreign nurses seeking employment in the USA are better off without the recruiters/agencies. I have contacted so many hospitals in the US already and made enquiries whether they could hire/petition me directly but the answer I always get is that they already have a third party doing the recruitment for them and I must go through those agencies. Can somebody please help me on how to locate those hospitals that hire directly? I have all the requirements now, including NCLEX (New York). Thank you very much. (Calling long distance from the Philippines to the USA is sooo expensive, only to get a "you have to go through an agency" answer).:balloons:

:crying2: Hi Everyone,

i'm also in same situation.i couldn't find any sponsors eventhough i'm in USA.i'm holding RN license and willing to relocate. if any one know the sponsoring hospitals pls let us know.

You need to give me alot more information.

Such as areas that you are qualified to work in, or would like to work in.

Do you want a large teaching hospital, or a small community hospital? What type of city do you wish to live in? You need to make these decisions first, then narrow down your choices.

Swirling waters, Do you also have a Visa Screen Certificate in hand? The license really means nothing at this point, what the facilites are interested in is if you have the Visa Screen Certificate in hand already.

Please let me know the names of the facilities that you contacted...........

Many recruit on their own and not thru agencies.................

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