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Applying to the ccac nursing program, but missing a prerequisite

I'm applying to the ccac nursing program. However, I'm missing a prerequisite. I have high grades from both high school and college and I've even taken extra classes like anatomy and pyschology and passed with an A. I was wondering even though I am missing a prerequisite, do you think I would possibly be accepted based on my GPA, extra classes, and my pax score?


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I don't know your school's requirements but at my school they wouldn't even consider you unless you have all of the prerequisites completed.

The thing is you don't really need this requirement to be a nursing major. You can test out of having to take it. Its a class before english 1. its kinda stupid, so i figured if i have really good grades and did well on the pax. Plus i have everything else, so i figured they would let it go.

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If your school says you can test out of it, then I would take the test and be done with it. I don't want to come off as rude, but think of it this way; there are usually more applications than spots open in nursing schools. Why would a school consider you above someone who got everything done like they asked, has an equally good GPA and test score?

Nursing schools can be demanding and picky in choosing their students, missing a class just gives them that much more reason to put you at the bottom of the list. Don't give them that chance!

Good luck!