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Hi! I'm a nurse here in the Philippines and I'm applying for licensure in California because I heard from friends who recently applied that they got their eligibility in a month time. Therefore, I assumed that the processing time is really fast as of now in California. My relatives are in New Jersey, and I plan to take my NCLEX there when I go visit this summer(that's if I get my eligibility before July this year). Is it possible to take the exam in New Jersey even if my application is for California?

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Yes, you can apply for licensure in any state, regardless of where you take the NCLEX; however, do you have an idea of where you're going to be looking for work? It would probably be faster (and definitely more simple) to just apply for licensure in that state, rather than going through CA.

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Just because someone got approval in just one month, do not expect that this same thing will happen to you. For a start, the BRN is now closed an extra two days per month because of funding issues. Next is the bigger issue that CA will not issue a license without a SSN#, and you have only three years to provide that to them or they will destroy your file, including your exam results that will go with it. You will be throwing out the licensing fee as well as fingerprint fee.

Where exactly do you plan to work? If NJ, then best to just go thru them for licensure in the first place. It will actually be cheaper to do that and write the exam at home, then go thru CA just to get things done quicker.

The other reason that you may think that things are fast in CA is that you are looking at more than 7 years for a chance at a green card, so many are looking at other countries now as well.

I would recommend taking the time to do some reading on this forum about all of the many reasons not to go thru CA for licensure. What good is it to do that if they will not issue a license as well, so you cannot use it to endorse to another state as well.

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