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If you already have your ADN, and then you went back for your BSN, do you have to still apply to the BSN programs? Currently I am applying to ADN programs. Once I graduate and start working, I will then go back for my BSN. Actually, if I don't get into the program in Jan. 2011, I will start taking some electives.

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Yes you still need to apply to the Nursing Program, whether it's an ADN, BSN, MSN, or DNP. You don't get an automatic acceptance into their program just for having your ADN.

Since you're hoping for a Spring 2011 acceptance, apply to as many ADN programs you're interested in as possible.

Good luck to you. I'm waiting to hear from my school as well.

To clarify though, you need to look for RN-BSN bridge programs, not prelicensure BSNs.

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