Applying into ABSN programs - does your major matter?

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I'm asking this because I hear a lot of times from schools that the bachelors degree you graduated with doesn't matter, only the GPA does. But with that said, how would schools compare one candidate who has a 3.8 with a degree in a more liberal field of study, such as art, with another candidate who has a lower GPA like a 3.0 with a bachelors in neuroscience.

I don't think it's fair to just judge one's GPA by face value...shouldn't the field of study matter as well?

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Why would it matter? The entire point of the programs is a career change. My degree was business administration. Got in on my first try. I did my ABSN in 2006 and we had people with psych degrees, philosophy, etc. I can't and won't speak for specific schools. I do know the that at the school I attended they encouraged people from all different previous areas of study and majors to apply.


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Hmm maybe I should've worded it a little different. I meant to ask, does your major matter when it comes to judging your GPA? Do they take in consideration of one's major in addition to the GPA that is correlated with it?


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How you are ranked will depend on your particular school and what factors they consider. My accelerated program ranked us solely on GPA in prerequisite courses. Although we already had degrees, we still had to complete certain courses prior to application regardless if they were included in our 1st degree program. We had a list of 10-15 courses that had to be completed prior to acceptance, such as: A&P 1 and 2, Micro, Chem, 2 English classes, 2 Math classes, etc. Our previous bachelors degrees carried no weight.

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