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Applied Health Assessment UPT1


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Good day, everyone! I had a couple of questions directed specifically toward the people who have completed the Applied Health Assessment recorded assessment.

1. Am I allowed to read off a sheet or study guide to complete my assessment as I am recording, or must I memorize all 88 aspects?

2. What did you all use for the otoscope, ophthalmoscope, and other assessment tools? My mentor says I can use any object and simply describe it.

Thanks in advance. I appreciate it.

You can have notes for reference, but can't read off them continually. I printed out the sheet that the graders use (you can find this in taskstream), annotated it with notes where needed, stuck it on a clipboard, and glanced at it between sections of the exam, as well as writing notes about my assessment on it.

I used a real BP cuff, thermometer, and penlight. I used a spoon for the opthalmoscope and the reflex hammer. I've seen people talk about using a scarf in place of the BP cuff.

Remember that they aren't looking for perfection! You can skip or screw up quite a few things and still pass.

I used a real BP cuff, stethoscope, penlight & thermometer. For the otoscope and other tools, I just explained that I didn't have one but how I would use it if I had one. I taped some lists on the wall out of view of the camera just in case I forgot what to do next. My video was 26 minutes and in the beginning both my patient (sister) and me were giggling, but we got it under control quickly and it went fine. Good luck!!