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Hello everyone,

I am approaching the end of my third semester, and about to graduate in December. I wish to start on my prerequisites for CRNA school right away. However, I am confused about the chemistry requirements. I know the vast majority of CRNA schools require general chemistry, organic chemistry, biochemistry, and inorganic. However, it does not specify whether these courses should be taken separately such as the General Chemistry 1 and 2 series followed by the Organic Chemistry 1 and 2 series. My college offers the following course series below which seem to combine them, and I do not know whether it would satisfy the requirements. Knowing how competitive it is to enter, would it seem better on my application that I did each chemistry separately? Thank you very much for any responses you may reply

CHEM 201 F Biochemistry for Allied Health 5 UnitsScience(C-ID CHEM 102)Prerequisite: CHEM 101 F with a grade of "C" or better.72 hours lecture, 36 hours lab, 18 hours problem solving and18 hours discussion per term. This course is the second semesterof a two semester sequence (CHEM 101 F and CHEM 201 F). Thiscourse is a study of organic chemistry: structures, nomenclature,reactions and functions of organic and biochemical compounds;cell structure, metabolism, bioenergetics, biochemical genetics,and mechanisms of vitamin and enzyme action. This course isdesigned for the health professions. (CSU) (UC Credit Limitation)(Degree Credit)

CHEM 101 F Chemistry for Allied Health 5 UnitsScience(C-ID CHEM 101, CHEM 140)Prerequisite: MATH 040 F with a grade of "C" or better or mathskills clearance.72 hours lecture, 54 hours lab and 18 hours problem solving perterm. This course provides an introduction to the principles ofinorganic and organic chemistry. This course includes a lab andwill meet physical science transfer requirements. This is a courserequired of numerous allied health science majors. (CSU) (UCCredit Limitation; no credit if taken after CHEM 111AF) (DegreeCredit) AA GE, CSU GE, IGETC

Every school is different - not only the CRNA schools in what they require, but whatever undergrad school you are in in terms of prereqs for more advanced Chem.

I had to take pre calc and gen chem 1 at the same time, then gen chem 2 before I could take orgo and Biochem.

I needed the gen chem for my bsn anyways so as soon as I graduated I started on the orgo and took Biochem afterwards.

Some CRNA schools want all those classes - some don't require any of them.

Thats not a combined series.

The follow on for Chem 101 is Chem 102 ie Chem 2.

The Chem 201 Biochemistry is simply a 200 level course that has Chem 101 as a prerequisite.

If the CRNA program you are applying to requires a full year or two semesters of inorganic/general chemistry you would still need to take Chem 102.

Speak to the advisor of any program that you are considering, mentioning the specific courses, and ask straight up if they are acceptable.

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