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Application question

So long story short I got a job this past fall at a Med Telly unit. Everything was fantastic in the unit. The nurses, managers, patients (most of them), MDs and other staff. Once the amount of patients I had kept rising, I started getting into a habit of taking my time documenting at the end of the shift and getting out pretty late. After a while my preceptor noticed my struggle and was giving me tips of better time management. But whenever I improved in one area I would side swiped by a constant need for jello and yogurt, or a new admission while a patient's overdue meds was to be taken. While I did fine with 4 and sometimes 5 patients (depending on the patient case, there would be a noticeable struggle with 5-6 which is the norm for the unit.

So when the orientation period came to an end, I met with my floor manager and ANM and they said I performed very well and my coworkers and patients liked me, but I needed to reflect on my time management. Should mention this is night shift 7-7. She said I should still apply for the next program and just reflect on my skills gained in the unit and use her as a reference.

This is where I'm at now. It's time to apply and under work experience I put in my information with the Med Telly unit. Theres a box that has a drop down list that says "Reason for Leaving" and a text box to put it a comment. My question to all of you is should I even include my time in Med Telly or no because I feel like it might affect the nursing managers' decisions once they see that I couldn't even survive a Med Telly unit (Not that its not a difficult unit, everyone just always seems to put it as a bottom of the totem pole unit in terms of intensity) I'm having a hard time thinking of what to put in the comment box. Any advice would be helpful THANKS

BrandonLPN, LPN

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What position are you applying for?

sorry forgot to mention that. the application has a checkbox list with pretty much generic unit names: PCU, ICU med surg, PEDs, mother-infant, etc. I have to choose my top 3. obviously i cant pick something like icu since im a noob so this is part 2 of my dilemma. would an acute care unit even accept a med telly drop?

It's Tele, as in short for Telemetry. So you'll know when you write it on your app.

It sounds as if you should be starting at a lower level of intensity, so med/surg unit would probably be lower intensity from a technical standpoint but give you more ways to work on your prioritizing, delegation, and organization. (If there's a choice between meds and yogurt, send the CNA or ward clerk to get the yogurt).

I've always been a horrible speller. For the longest time I wrote "per se" as "per say" lol . The application has Med Surg and Med Tele under one checkbox so unfortunately I can't make that distinction when choosing a unit.

As for the snacks I almost always send the CNAs to do my dirty work (hehe). What I should've wrote in my example is when they're busy and my patient has been nagging for the longest

gotcha. so should I include my previous time with the unit or just omit it? if I do include it, what could be a compelling statement for reason of leaving?

BrandonLPN, LPN

Has 5 years experience.

Why ARE you leaving? I'm not entirely clear on that. Is this an educational rotation or something like that?

I've already exited the program. My question stems from whether I should include my time in Med Tele because if I do, there's a "Reason for Leaving" comment box where I put why I was laid off or asked to resign from said workplace.