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Hi everyone,

I have recently been looking into joining the navy as a nurse. I am currently in school for business but once I graduate I will be going to an accelerated track nursing program. Upon finishing the program I will have earned a BSN. I am just a little confused on the whole application process. I have read up on other forums of how it can be a lengthy and time consuming process. That is all fine I just have yet to find any forum that helps you to get started in the application process. Where do I begin? Do I just need to go speak to a recruiter? Or is there some other way I need to start off? I would appreciate any response. I am truly just trying to be as well informed as possible. Thanks in advance!

You might want to speak to an NROTC program in your area, possibly at your alma mater. A second choice would be a Navy recruiter, but keep in mind that you need to take what they say with a grain of salt. Words to key into are "Don't worry about that". Get as much written information as you can. Past that, I can tell you that my experience with Navy Nurses was great. They were professional and knowledgeable. Being a Nurse in the Navy will be OK, as you'll be an Officer, and they get treated pretty well. Good luck!

I would contact a recruiter, and meet them in person. Doing an accelerated BSN program might not allow you to participate in NROTC due to the demanding schedule (but that's just my guess). Good luck!

There is also the Nurse Candidate Program. It doesn't require you to do anything other than maintain a 3.0 GPA, you receive a stipend while in school and then have a spot when you graduate. You obviously don't get the training benefits that NROTC gives, but it could be a better fit if you are in an accelerated program. But I would definitely contact a health care recruiter (make sure it is a health care recruiter - you can find your local one on the navy website).

Does anyone know if it is possible to begin the application process prior to receiving your BSN? I am currently in school for my BSN and have an anticipated graduation date of April 2013. I have read that the application process can be very long and drawn out and wasn't sure if I would be worth my while to get in touch with a recruiter now to begin the process. If anyone has insight on this I would greatly appreciate it!

SoontobeRN01 & matters04 - I don't know if you're interested in the Nurse Candidate Program, but I'm in the application process now and it's taken me almost 4 months and I'm hoping to wrap it up in the next couple of weeks. I'd recommend the NCP if you can do it, because you get paid during school and have time to prepare for the PT. You head out to ODS soon after passing the NCLEX.

You're allowed to start the application when you're accepted to a BSN program and you're going to be starting the main nursing classes, but I don't think you can be accepted until you have 24 months or less remaining of the program.

I'd definitely talk to a health recruiter in your area! Good luck :)


Thanks for the advice! Unfortunately, I am unable to do the NCP. I will be contacting a recruiter on Monday. I just wanted to know if there was anything that I can do now to kinda speed up the process.

Thanks again!!

I am interested in the navy nurse program, i keep hearing about a kit that has to be submitted. what does the kit consist of and does volunteer work help with the process. and what type of questions are asked during the interview sorry for all the questions, i tried to research these answers but no luck. thank you

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