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Hello All,

As many of you know the CRNA application process is rigorous to say the least. I am proud to consider myself exceptionally anal( like many applicants) in this process; garnering all letters of recommendation, official transcripts, photocopying ACLS, PALS certificates and printing my personal statement all on top quality resume paper, and Finally neatly organizing it all into its own personal binder with a personal business-card like plaque on the front. To top it off--mailing it overnight delivery with return receipt ( which I received over two weeks ago)

Here is the problem! I waited two weeks until calling the program to confirm that all the material they needed had been provided. The director told me he only had complete applications, and directed me to graduate admissions. Graduate admissions had me in their computer system but could not locate my application, and stated it is probably with the assistant director of admissions. I have since left two messages( two days apart) asking him to call me back to confirm my applications placement and that all material is present.

I am do to visit the college on monday for an informal meeting with a member of the faculty, and to talk with some of the students. How persistent would you all be? should I be concerned? Maybe I should lay off a bit? I am so confused. I have been dedicated and focused for three years and I would hate for it all to slip through the cracks over a something like this. HELP!!!


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Boy, I'm in trouble compared to you. I hand wrote out my applications, printed my old CV with references and mailed it all snail mail. My problem is that one of the colleges that I have applie to found a college that I went to, which I did not submit a transcript for. Back in the late 80's I took a night class from a unacredited college for computer Basic. How in the world did they find out that I took that class. I didn't tell them about it. I don't even know if the school exists anymore. Good luck.


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I don't mean to rain on your parade, but putting your application in your butt isn't going to help you land a job you know. :D

Yes, I know I am a smarta$$.


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Better the application then your head I guess!

FlyingED, I did nothing fancy with my application either and I got in! It doesn't hurt to have a fancy portfolio, but as long as you meet and/or exceed their requirements, no problem.


I would not stress too much if it has only been a couple of weeks unless there is a deadline you are going to miss. My stuff trickled into the admissions office and they misplaced one of my transcripts. Eventually they found everything and all was happy again. Good luck with your meeting and your application process.


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I would follow-up on that for sure. When I applied last year the school lost two of my letters of reference. I was sitting waiting for any reply when after a few weeks i had heard nothing. I called to follow-up on them. They where all nnonchanlant saying that they must have just lost them, and could I please approach my references to do another one. yeah that was great i got to go to these people and ask them to take alittle more of there time to redo something that they are doing as a favor for me. that along with a few other reasons made me decide to choose another school


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Follow up and MAKE COPIES of EVERYTHING!!!

I had a friend who was in a similar situation as you anestat46, but everything worked out fine....

Did I mention to make copies? Be sure to make copies. Okay, it's late (or early), I'll quit.

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