Appearing for SEC assessment in Mount Royal College, need some help for preparation.



I am appearing for SEC assessment (general) on July 2 and 3, 2009. I need some help in preparation of the

course. I have also checked the website regarding the clinical scenarios, OSCE and tripple jump etc. If you can guide me in clinical assessment and short answers ( written), that would be appreciable.:idea:


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By far the vast majority of Canadian nurses have never had anything to do with SEC (in fact, I'd say the vast majority have never even heard of it) so this thread was in the wrong forum. It needs to be addressed to the International Nursing community where there may actually be nurses who have been through a SEC assessment. The Canadian Nurses forum is for nurses who live and work in Canada to discuss common Canadian issues, such as nurse-to-patient ratios, provincial health care system idiosyncracies, contract negotiations and the rising cost of registration. Internationally-educated nurses are invited to post their questions about the registration process, examinations, immigration and employment agencies in the International Forum.


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Have they not given you a booklist? I would contact college and ask for advise.

You will need a general book, like fundamentals of nursing, canadian edition. And maybe some more, check with the college what they use for their courses.



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As mentioned by you about the reference books by college, I didn't received any information from Mount Royal College. I really need help for the clinical assessment except from the website. I am also following fundamentals of nursing book. Please guide me about tripple jump, clinical scenarios and others.



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The website is THE source, work thru the scenarios. This IS how SEC is working. Everything you need to know IS THERE.

You need common nursing knowledge, common sense and your english has to be fluent. Be proactive.

About the theory and the books, I strongly advise you to contact the college, since everything is province regulated, what books they use for their nursing reentry courses or general nursing courses. As I said there's the fundamentals of nursing, canadian edition, but maybe there's a newer book now, don't know.

You need to look at the scope of practice as well, to be found on the CNA website.

Also if you check the SEC threads here on this board info is there, no reason to write it all again.

good luck



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yes 5cats is right, candidates should go through the website. The scenarios on the sample assessments are actually informative. gives us more or less an idea of what's going to happen although an assurance (infos/experience sharing) from previous takers is also badly needed. :)


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I would like to hear from IENs who have taken the SEC. Specifically, how did you prepare, how did you find the short and long answers, the triple jumps and OSCES? Do you think this is a good way to assess competencies of IENS How woud you improve the process?

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