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Taking the advise of others in this forum, I went into my financial aid office. I found out that I may be able to receive financial aid, even though I have an AA in Social Science. I must file and be successful at my appeal. I was accepted into the RN program beginning Jan 2011.

So, has anyone been through this process? Successfully or unsuccessfully. Any examples of appeal letters? Or suggestions? Any help is appreciated.:clown:

Below is the proceedure for the appeal.

"If you are appealing due to having a degree or attempting over 90 units you must attach a brief typed* explanation (maximum of 1 page) including the following:

a. Reasons you have attempted 90 or more units or completed a degree and have not yet reached your goal. Include reasons such as changes of major, significant life circumstances that slowed progress, need for additional courses for transfer, etc.

b. The specific steps you will take to complete your educational goal in a timely manner."


Yup- It has happened to me and to a number of my fellow classmates, as many of us are second (or third) career students. It is a formality - don't stress too much. My initial letter (acutally there was a space for response on my school's form) addressed my desire to enter the nursing field, addressed my grades for prereqs at the same school and my acceptance into this highly competitive program. I stressed the difficulty in excelling in nursing school and the need for financial support in order to be successful. Although I was not eligible for pell grants due to my previous degree, I was awarded student loans. I have not heard of anyone being denied - just go through the process... I have to appeal each year and can't withdraw from or fail a class in order to remain eligible for aid.

Hope this helps- good luck!

Thank you peps:clown:

I just heard the same thing today. it seems to be just a formality. I need my advisor's signature but that's all cause I'm in the program already. I'll be happy to get a loan this is really straining my monthly budget.

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