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Apn-home visits-primary care

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I would like to know what the going rate is per Visit (patient) for a Nurse Practitioner who will make home visits providing primary care to the frail, elderly, home bound population. I am located in the tri-state area, specifically Northern New Jersey.

So, to be clear, APN will be visiting home bound patients and performing a PE, ROS, HPI, Social/Surgical/Medical Hx, Medication reconciliation, reviewing labs/diagnostics, etc. APN will also be creating a Plan that may include ordering visiting nurse services, PT, Home health aide and other community resources, labs, diagnostics etc. They will also do a home safety assessment.

So, my questions are:

What should APN be paid per visit?

Should APN get either gas allowance (If so, how much?) or mileage reimbursements?

How long should each visit take (more or less)?

How many visits a day should APN make?

Any feed back would be greatly appreciated.

It takes me (experienced home health nurse) 1 1/2 - 2 hours to complete a comprehensive thorough admission visit which covers pretty much everything on your list your list.

You will have less control of the direction the visit will take in the patients' homes, some can be chaotic and it is their environment. (Though in my experience people try to do their best to be helpful).

And then there's the time processing all of the information.

One tip, make as many communications from the patients' homes, it's more efficient, gets things checked off the list and the patients will see you acting on their behalf and the time/effort involved.

Another tip, ask them to pull out all of their meds, every form and OTC as well, before you arrive. The gathering for some can take awhile.

How much pay? 3 x your hourly plus mileage.


Do you have an APP that helps arrange your visits based on address so that you are in a tight as possible geographical area?

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I've heard of NP's doing Medicare visits in the San Francisco-Bay Area (high cost of living) and one company is offering $140 per visit + mileage. Not sure if this is considered decent pay in that industry.

What do you mean by Medicare visits? Health Risk Assessments?

I am talking about providing PRIMARY CARE, seeing home bound, frail, elderly patients that cant get out of their homes to go visit their doctor. So, the APN will go to their house and see them.

juan de la cruz, MSN, RN, NP

Specializes in APRN, Adult Critical Care, General Cardiology. Has 27 years experience.

Medicare visits are a newer way that Medicare Advantage Plans (private insurers that have contract with Medicare to provide health insurance to seniors under Medicare) ramp up revenue by having NP's do home healthcare assessments of their beneficiaries. I'm not exactly familiar with Medicare's payment system but the gist is the more diagnoses and risks a beneficiary has, the higher the payment.

The NP then goes to the home, sees the benficiary, does an exam, and confirms all existing diagnoses and risks and documents it so the insurers get reimbursed accordingly. It's a controversial system. It's totally different from what the job you stated in your post. I only chimed in in an effort to provide perspective on the ballpark salary for NP's who do home visits.