Anyone working in Pre-Admission Certification???

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I have been offerred a position there & it is 5 days a week.....

Anyone doing this?? What do you like most? Hate most ??

And what all do you do at you hospital in pre-admissionS?


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Is this Pre Admissions testing for Day Surgery?

passing thru

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Yes, it is. Are you in it?

What's the pro's & cons ?


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At the hospital that I work, we complete most of the paperwork related to the patients medical history. If the patient has lab work ordered we draw that as well as do EKG's if ordered and send them for any x rays if ordered. If something comes up related to their medical history, then we work with anesthesia and the surgeon to come to a solution. Most often it is an abnormal EKG or a cardiac history that needs a referral before surgery can go ahead. Our hospital also has a blood free program - mostly for Jehovah's Witnesses and so that needs to be coordinated ahead of time. Also latex allergies - that needs to be flagged for the OR and Day Surgery and a form filled out.

It is a great area to work in. You are the first impression for the Day Surgery patients - and it is challenging. The hours are great - no nights weekends or holiday's.

Good luck to you!

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