Anyone work at YNNH?


I work as a tech at one of Yales' sister hospital part time, 3x8 a week. Though I end up working full time or more. I received a call for an interview at Yale. Bit excited bit nervous. It's a full time gig, 3x12 7p to 7a.

Curious how the work environment is at Yale? How bad is parking? I pay about $40 every 3 week's for parking where I am at. The plus is I park and I walk in to work. Worried if I'll be making less an hour, making $20 an hour now.

I figure working 7p to 7a would work great with me taking my prerequisites for nursing down the road maybe move to 24 or 32 hour position.

Appreciate any insight can give.

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I work as an RN at YNHH. Work environment, of course, depends on the unit, but in general I find Yale to be very professional: fair ratios, you work mostly with smart and capable people (techs, RNs, MDs, mid-level, other specialties - everybody). Patient acuity and complexity is high (I think fair to say throughout the hospital), which is good in the sense that you learn a lot every day, but, of course, very stressful. It is fast paced and generally high pressure. Can't speak for the entire hospital, but working relationships are pretty good between RNs and techs in my area.

Parking situation is bad. Not only do we have to park offsite and be shuttled to work, which adds an extra ~ 15 min to the commute, but we also pay for it. It is $65 per, I think, year (should know but not sure)? And we have to bother about renewing parking stickers every 6 months, which comes sooner that it sounds.

Overall, I like it. Hope this helps.


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$65 isn't bad. I turned the job down was making about $4 to $6 less am hour even with differential. I worried about the parking situation.

Hospital itself was nice never been inside. People were very professional and smart.

I really wanted th job to ha. Hopefully something else will come along.