Anyone work at Moffitt Cancer Center in, Tampa, Fl?

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I just want to say THANK YOU for all you do! My Dad was at Moffitt for a month recently and had wonderful care. I lost my mom 17 yrs ago to Breast Cancer, I was a teenager, and we lived in southern Ca at the time. Totally different experiece!!!!! Anyway, I know Moffitt is a big place, but thanks to all the nurses who take care of people when they need it most. I have always worked in L&D. Would love to work in Oncology, but am afraid that I have too many memories from my mom, would be too emotional. Keep up the GREAT WORK!!!!



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I lost my mother to ovarian ca 2 years ago and she was a patient at Moffitt. That event inspired me to go to nursing school and will graduate this spring and I knew from the beginning I wanted to work at Moffitt. I am currently a onc tech on the third floor and know we truley have a wonderful, compassionate staff throughout the hosptial.

I pray your father has a positive outcome.



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Hi, my name is Danielle. I just applied to work at the Moffitt Center after I graduate. I was wondering if I could ask questions to anyone that has or is working there. I've never lived near Tampa and I'm currently going to school in Baltimore. I'm excited and nervous about graduating and I'd love to hear from anyone who can give me some input about Moffitt and advice in general!


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Danielle - I am a Medical Assistant and have been working there for almost 4 years. I am just about to complete my nursing degree in about 3 weeks and will be transferring to the inpatient units soon after that. If you have any questions, I would love to answer them for you.

I began working there because of the care they provided my mom. I would attend her visits to her treating physicians and were more like friends than medical providers. They remembered her name and case without looking at a chart. The nurses in the infusion center where she would receive her chemo were also wonderful. She died of colon cancer last year but she was, I beleive, under the best care possible while at Moffitt.

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