Anyone work 12 hour shifts?


I am in the midst of taking prerequisites from nursing school. I currently work part time, but pick up an additional 20 hour's a week. Have the opportunity to work 3 nights a week.

Wondering if anyone in school doing 3x12s. I think in a year if I get into a program can drop to 2x12s.

Appreciate any insight?

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I know some that have worked 16hr weekend power shift. Few places still offer this.

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How many hours per week are you devoting to classes? If the work schedule will not interfere with your school schedule and will enable you to get enough rest prior to your classes than it sounds like a good opportunity to save some extra money before you begin nursing school full time. If you're working in healthcare it's also a good way to gain experience and learn how to manage a night shift routine- particularly given that many jobs for new graduate nurses are night shift positions.


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I am stuck on deciding to take the job. I make $6 less a hour as a tech, but would recover $3 an hour due to differential. I also have the opportunity to work rotating first and second full time, but worried how it interfere with school. I feel be better working an additional per diem job with the hospital to supplement when hour's aren't available at my current job.

Feel nights are my best bet, but don't want to loose drastic amount of money in the process.


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It's tough right now to afford prerequisites. I am allowed $3000 a year in employment reimbursement, which is about 3 classes with books and lab fees at the CC. Where full time I be allotted $5000 about 5 classes.


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Forgot to mention the hospital holds seats at the CC. However, that could of changed with them pushing more and more for BSN nurse's.