Anyone willing to critique my resume?


  • Specializes in Health insurance nursing/ Cardiac nursing.

I'm looking for someone, preferably in upper management who looks at resumes often to look over and critique my resume. I am a fairly recent grad so I need good selling points in other areas since I'm lacking in nursing experience!


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Keep it brief... one page - you can cheat a little with smaller margins and a smaller font (say 10 or 11). Make it obvious that you are an RN - give your license #, and if this will be your first nursing job, the date you passed the NCLEX. Also include current, but relevant certs such as BCLS, ACLS, PALS etc.

List the nursing school you attended, with dates - and any previous/subsequent qualifications that are relevant - e.g., maybe you studied for a degree in health science before going to RN school.

Do not include clinical experience gained at college, even if it is applicable to the job you are applying for - save this for your cover letter.

State that you can provide references/letters of recommendation on request - this saves a lot of resume space.

If you have some relevant employment history - say working as a CNA, or volunteering for the Red Cross, or even a job that involves dealing with the public... then I would include that.

Short and sweet...