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Hi everyone! I am beginning my science pre reqs at a community college next week and was just wondering what the nursing climate is like in Ventura County right now? My plan is to get my Associate RN degree then bridge to a Bachelors down the road since this is a new career choice for me. I was thinking about getting my CNA next semester and try to get a job at a local hospital as a CNA while working towards my RN. Is this a good course of action? Or possibly trying to get a job working for a medical office or admitting at a hospital at nights.

Thanks for your thoughts!!


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I was born and raised in Ventura County, but I have not lived there since 2003, and I have not visited there since 2005. Sorry, but I do not know any specifics on the local job market conditions for nursing in Ventura County right now. I can basically tell you that most of southern California has been in the midst of a terrible nursing employment market for quite some time due to the sluggish economy.

I am in Venturas RN program, and they kinda warned us that the job market out here is a little hellish right now. There are not a lot of jobs, and a lot of people going for what is available. Your idea of getting your CNA and working is a great one. I got my LVN license and everywhere i applied told me to come back when i had experience.

Good luck with the prereqs, you can do it, just have to keep your spirits up!

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Also consider becoming a tele tech or secretary. Any of those jobs will give you hands on experience which may mean the difference between a job or unemployed.


I'm doing my cna clinicals bow and interviewing for a COPE pipeline internship this Thursday:). Still at least 3 years away from getting the RN but at least for bow just trying to get an edge up:)

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