Anyone travel with a motorcycle?

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I am an ED RN looking into starting travel nursing in March. I ride a motorcycle as my outlet/stress reliever. Of course here at home my bike is in a garage. Do any of you that travel take a motorcycle with you? If so where do you keep it, at your temporary residence or do you rent a storage space. Any experience with this appreciated.

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I had a friend who traveled with a motorcycle. He always insisted that the housing have a garage, if not he would park it on the porch if possible. I do think he had some problems at one stop but for the most part everything worked out!


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Thanks for the reply. I have taken lots of trips on my bike and always try to park right in front of my motel door or under the awning at the entrance. Have discovered most motels accomodating as long as you're not blocking walkways. I have a cable to lock around the bike that weighs probably 10 lbs would need some heavy duty equipment to break thru would never break thru with an axe. Guess if nothing else can take my chain and bike covers. I also worry in an apt complex about courious kids etc or vandalism. I did have one bike cover stolen once too! This is a $12,000 itlian bike, of course I have full coverage on it. Thanks again for the reply. Nancy:)

P.S. One advantage to taking the bike along, at least I have backup trasportation should the car break down!


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One day I would like to travel with a bike, PAVE THE WAY!!


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One day I would like to travel with a bike, PAVE THE WAY!!

I am currently on assingment in Vermont, my hubbie is bring my bike up here to me in a few weeks, I've been scoping out nice roads to ride on, the scenery here is awesome.

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This is a $12,000 itlian bike, of course I have full coverage on it. Thanks again for the reply. Nancy:)


Duck or Goose?

Both are pretty cool.

I don't do travel nursing, but I do commute almost everyday in Chicago.

I won't ride TO work in the rain (don't want to arrive wet & dirty), but going home? Who cares!!:balloons:


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I met this traveler that took his bike w/ him. From what I was told by him, it was a big inconvenience due to limited aspects of the motorcycle, i.e. space, driveability, going out,etc. This might be due to his inexperience, since he had it for only a couple of months. He just parked his bike in the parking lot.


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I spent last winter in South Florida and put nearly 6000 miles on my 1989 Honda Goldwing. Joined the South Florida Riders club and spent nearly every Sunday riding with a great group. We usually covered at least 200 miles and many times nearly 500. I pulled the bike on a trailer behind a Toyota Tacoma and was lucky enough to find housing with a covered carport where I could store the motorcycle when I didn't ride. The hospital I worked had a great area in the parking garage for motorcycles so I rode to work nearly every day. This coming winter I will have a "Toyhauler". I upgraded the Tacoma to a Ford Dually and will pull a 5th wheel trailer with a garage. The hardest part will be securing a spot to park the "fiver". Will not travel without my Wing.

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