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anyone think actual teas test was easier than online practice tests?


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does anyone think the actual teas test was easier than the online practice tests from ati? or the ati study guide? im taking the teas tomorrow and have been studying. i got an 85 on the online practice assesment but am wondering how accurate that will be for the actual test.


Even though I missed the passing score by 10 points I do agree it was easier than the practice test online. The practice test had nothing but word math, and on the actual test it only had a few.

Surprisingly, I did very well on the Science portion and I've never been good in Science a day in my life. I haven't had Science since like the 10th or the 11th grade. I was able to read and just pick the best answer that made the most sense, and I don't know a lick about Science. Since I am so good in reading and comprehension I was able to apply it and it worked very well for me

Hi sanne00,

How did you do on your test? How did it compare to the practice tests?


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well i only got an 82. im quite disappointed. i actually scored higher on the practice test. the science part brought me down. i thought the questions were worded tricky. needless to say ill be taking it again.

Do you know what the score has to be to be passing.

i'm not sure if it is different per school - but the school I am applying to says you must have 60% or higher score.

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Each school will have a different passing requirement. For example, mine only has a 50% requirement in each section, but I can assure you that anything less than 80% (composite) will prevent you from getting accepted, as the score is 40% of the point scale system they use to determine who gets in.

I did not take the online practice test, but I did use the ATI study guide, and I do feel like it does a pretty good job preparing you for the actual test. The only section that does not is the Science section, but that is only b/c they include too many different fields to test on (imo) and there's no way the study guide can prepare you for all of it.

I actually thought the TEAS test was pretty difficult... I felt like a lot of what was asked were things i learned in 8th grade. Had they asked questions on Anatomy, Physio, or Micro for the Science section i would have aced it!!!! Suprisingly the part i did the poorest was MATH!!!! I found that the TEAS practice manual did not help too much as far as the math and science section went! Overall I scored an 81% which i was very pleased with because i left the testing room feeling not so confident!

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