Anyone talking Nclex in April.....I heard it's a new format

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I will be taking my Nclex Rn in May since I failed the first time 2/28 . I'm using Saunders comprehensive review and Q & A. I am thinking if I should take Kaplan Review which is sooooo expensive $350. I have very limited budget and I know a lot of people are too. I was wondering if it'll be worth it since I heard that Kaplan will be integrating the new Nclex format. Please tell me what anyone think. And also what other review books/CD rom do you recommend besides Saunders.


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Hi jazznkate,

I'm sorry to hear that you didn't make it on your first try in the NCLEX. I'm still on the other end of the spectrum - Level One nursing school. In regards to your conundrum, I would highly recommend that you take an NCLEX review course. Don't look at it as an expense, look at it as an investment. Just think how you'll be kickin' yourself if you don't take a review course and you don't pass the NCLEX in May - I'm sure you'll be wishing you did. Best of luck with whatever you decide. Best of luck with NCLEX - take II.


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If only Kaplan would have waited one year to make these changes :rotfl:

They are adding fill in the blank and select all that apply. I have heard also there might be a touchscreen and you have to touch where, for example, you would listen for different heart sounds. If you get 30 or so classmates together for the Kaplan course you can save around $100, it's worth doing!

Good luck to us! :)

If you go to every Kaplan class and you fail the NCLEX you get a full refund!

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